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About Naturopathic Medicine and Cosmetics

  1. Vitamins and Amino-Acids in Natural Medicine

  2. Minerals and microelements for our Life

  3. Choise of Cosmetics for your skin type
    About types of cosmetics, its structure and the recommendation on selection.

  4. About Skin Types and Skin Care
  5. About an aromatherapy and treatment by essential oils
    For the first time essential oils have started to use more 6000 years ago.
    Essential oils contain in plants in scanty amounts, but they very much plants from various disease, microbes and wreckers are concentrated and protect.
    Essential oils help us to struggle with various inflammations and infections, Simultaneously protecting us from infection...

  6. Health and Beauty from the Dead Sea
    The Dead or Salt Sea has 30% concentration of salts and minerals. This accounts for the phenomenal buoyancy of the water. People with problems of the joints are apt to enjoy the first relief of symptoms.. Natural Health and Beauty Treatments. EDOM - Skin Care and Beauty Products. Minerals and the Skin. The Level of Water in the Skin. Old Skin some stimulation...

  7. To those who have some problems with the health
    The heart can live without infarctions and insults till 120 years.
    It is possible to live without an atherosclerosis and a thrombophlebitis.
    ARD - as if a harmless disease.
    Pay attention to joints !
    It is possible to live all life without prostate diseases.
    Help is possible even at oncological diseases.
    Imperceptible tragedy.

  8. How we can slow down our aging
    - The secret of a long and normal life.
    - Imperceptible signs of aging.
    - Biological reasons of aging.
    - Our breathing kills us.
    - Antioxidants - protection against presenilation.

    American nutritional association determines Dietary Supplements or Food Additives as follows:
    Any substance which can serve as a food stuffs Or its component and possessing certain medical advantage, Including preventive maintenance and treatment of diseases .

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