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How to choose cosmetics ?

Edom Eye Cream
  1. About skin and types of cosmetics
  2. Cosmetics for care of a face
  3. About peeling and clearing of skin of a face
  4. The activator for a skin and beauty Serum
  5. Essential Oil or face cream
  6. About a choice of a face cream
  7. About medical cosmetics

About skin and types of cosmetics

Skin - our protection against all external adverse factors. It is the largest body of our body. Its area 2.6 - 3.6 sq.m. And simultaneously it is the most thin body - thickness from 0.7 up to 2.5 mm.
The skin protects from heat and a cold, a wind and the sun, from the harmful gases which are thrown out transport and the industrial enterprises. In the winter the skin maintains temperature drops from -20 ..-30 °C Frost in the street up to +20..+31 °C in. In the summer on bright tropical sun the skin maintains for us a normal body temperature, though near to us stones and Sand are heated up to +50..+60 °C.
And our skin too requires protection. About creams for a skin now know all - and Women, both men. Shops and beauty salons offer very various Production. Is available about 10 basic groups of production:
  1. regenerative and restorative-decorative cosmetics
  2. medical cosmetics
  3. means of a manicuring
  4. cosmetics for a face and necks
  5. cosmetics for a body
  6. means of care of legs and foots
  7. decorative cosmetics
  8. means of care of hair
  9. speial oils and means of care for women
  10. cosmetics for massage
  11. aromatic oils - combining properties of spirits and cosmetics
  12. deodorants
We tell first of all about cosmetics in the area closest to us - to natural medicine, regenerative and is decorative-regenerative cosmetics. Their purpose is rejuvenation skin or even delay of ageing.

Cosmetics for care of a face

The complete set of care of a face includes:
1. clearing of the face - cosmetic milk or cream or lotion.
It is possible to recommend:
- Mineral clearing milk EDOM
- Balanced cleaner Dermajetics
- Clearing milk AROMA Medic
- Cleanser - clearing milk FOREVER
2. clearing of the become lifeless cells{cages} - a peeling.
- aroma peeling - peeling AROMA Medic (to apply instead of deep peelings)
- clarification peeling AROMA Medic (a clarifying peeling)
- A peeling with crystal salts AROMA Medic
- A peeling with peach pit AROMA Medic
3. the Nutritious mask for the person{face} (often with effect not surgical Braces of a leather{skin})
- Mineral mud mask EDOM
- A mask for person{face} Dermayetics
- A mask for the person{face} from two components FOREVER
- A mask for the person{face} from clay and water ROSE (AROMA Medic)
4. other means of leaving{care} for the person{face} and an eye
- SERUM (or the activator for a leather{skin})
- A mineral toner for the person{face} (for different types of a leather{skin}) EDOM - Aloe-activator FOREVER
- Toner-лосьон Dermayetics
- Butter{Oil} for person{face} AROMA Medic
- Butter{Oil} for area around of eyes and under eyes AROMA Medic
- A cream for area around of eyes AROMA Medic
- A mineral cream for eyes EDOM
- A cream " Charming eyes " FOREVER
- Humidifying day time cream Aroma Face Cream for different types of a leather{skin} (AROMA Medic)
- A cream with vitamins A and Е for restoration and updating of leather{skin} AROMA Medic
- Humidifying day time cream EDOM
- A humidifying cream nature mirror Dermayetics
- Feeding night cream EDOM
- A cream from wrinkles with coenzyme Q-10 EDOM
- Multi-purpose cream EDOM
- A restoring cream skin aktivator Dermayetics
- The night companion - cream of Dermayetics
Articles of prime necessity on care of face for each woman are Day and Night creams.
For everyday care of face of the woman use cosmetic milk more often or cream, the activator or serum, and also a day and night cream. Once a week it is recommended to impose a mask and once a week superficial Peeling. Or once a month the deep peeling applied in cosmetology studies. Clearing of the face by cosmetic milk or lotion it is necessary to make 1-2 times a day after washing or instead of washing.

About peeling and clearing of skin of a face

In cosmetic shops sell for personal use "superficial" Peelings - they only slightly loosen the top layer die cages, delete this The layer is opened also with times for clearing of the sweat which has accumulated in times and skin fat. At washing off of a peeling this loosened layer of a skin leaves. The structure superficial peelings includes the crushed fibres of a sponge, Peach pit, crystal salts, the crushed fibres of plants, enzyme and high-quality washing substances. Such peelings can use once a week.
Besides there is a professional cosmetics which use in cosmetic studies. For deep clearing of a leather{skin} use average and deep Peelings, thus the top layer of skin cells{cages} leaves also, their growth is stimulated and many superficial defects are removed. The most frequent use such Peelings 1 time month is supposed. But thus occurs cardinal rejuvenation of Skin. After a deep or average peeling some days house are necessary Mode as the young peeled skin is very sensitive.
The peelings sold in cosmetic shops, do not injure a skin and equally often are applied as in beauty shops, and women independently. Usually them put on 15-20 minutes once a week the increasing distribution is received with peelings with simultaneous tightening Effect. After a peeling put oil for a face and for area around of eyes and make soft massage. After massage put the mask of cosmetic clay planted on scented water-activator for 15-20 minutes.

The activator for a skin and beauty Serum

If you do not make massage and a peeling after cosmetic milk put Oil for a face or SERUM, and then a day time or night cream depending on time Day. If you use completely natural cosmetics, in her often one cream carries out functions night and day cream.
Activators and SERUM are close to destination are liquid low-viscosity cosmetic preparations with high concentration of nutrients. For good wetting the face there are enough 2-3 drops of a preparation.
Nutrients of SERUMs - amino acids, various sugar and polysacharides, vitamins and the passing substances improving absorption and distribution of these substances into skin. For example the Activator of firm FOREVER "ALOE VERA" is the stabilized juice Aloe Vera with addition allontoin. In most cases activators and SERUM some firms with the purpose of reduction in price consist of natural substances, and only and prolongation of storage of production add synthetic additives in their structure. Activators and SERUM contain water-soluble products, they are easily absorbed in Skin. They are equally convenient for using both in the summer and in the winter.

Essential Oil or face cream

Oils for a face contain fat-soluble irreplaceable complexes of nutrients - nonsaturated fat acids, linoleic acid, linolenic acid and gamma-linolenic acid, fat-soluble vitamins A and Е, beta-carotin. Them to use better in cool weather.
The most known and most often used means of care of a skin of a face - these are cosmetic creams. They are in any family and often are used and Women, and Men.
Modern cosmetic creams - complex biochemical designs. They contain in the structure from 8-9 till 35-40 components. Quality of a cream is defined by quality of a cream basis, its degree of emulsification (in the size of particles emulsion) and quality of nutritious components of a cream.
Any cream is a mix 2 emulsions:
- Type oil in water,
- Type water in oil.
The cream contains obligatory components:
- High-quality pure water (more often - demineralized water Aqua),
- Thickeners-stabilizers: synthetic or natural hydrocarbons, paraffins, isoparaffin hydrocarbon or liquid paraffin, triethanolamine, dymeticon, Hydrolized polyizobutilen, petrolatum, polyacrylamide or natural carbohydrates: Stearin, palmitic, linoleic, linolenic and other fat acids. Cetyl alcohol, octyl spirits and nutrients for a skin: hyaluronic Acid or hyalurate sodium, izoflavons of soya, vitamins, an alpha-hydro-acid, allocated from fruit or vegetables, vitamins A, Е, C and beta-carotin, the extracts of plants promoting regeneration of a skin and improvement by a metabolism, preservatives and emulsors.
The high-qualitiest source of vitamins A and Е is squalene - oil germs of wheat, and also oil of an amaranth and avocado.
Than the most part of components of a cream is natural, instead of synthetic components, that better its quality. The high-qualitiest of a cream make completely of natural components. In them as a thickener use an extract of seaweed - an alginic acid or alginete sodium. Such cream basis consists all of 3 components - aqua, alginic acid or alginat sodium and palm or coconut oil. Sometimes in addition enter as a thickener ethers of oil jojoba or others - oils of an avocado or amaranth. Modern high-quality synthetic preservatives: metil-, propil-, etil-and izopropil-parabens (ethers oxibenzoin Acids) possess as well high emulsifying properties.
In such cream are absent synthetic emulsifier - modern more often Achievements physicochemical allow to create especially thin emulsion, having the size of particles less than 8 micron and stable for many years. Owing to it creams are absorbed in a skin much more quickly and nutrients are acquired by a skin much more full.
The creams containing synthetic or natural hydrocarbons , paraffins, isoparaffin hydrocarbon or liquid paraffin, triethanolamine, dymeticon, hydrolized polyizobutylen, petrolatum, polyacrylamide, give more dense of a film , interfering normal hidrosis in summertime, especially at high humidity of air. Such creams are undesirable for applying to people with a oily skin , Especially easy sweating persons and persons with a skin inclined to irritation.
One more important additive in creams are sterols - the substances stimulating regeneration of a skin, for example Q-10. From vegetative extracts the most known are:
- An extract of a calendula, ginseng, eleuterocock, a dandelion, a burdock, a juniper and many other things.
One more important nutritious component is Salt of the Dead Sea - the structure of this unique product in accuracy repeats salt structure of a skin and for many people is the important factor of preservation of health of a skin.
In especially qualitative creams even preservatives use a natural origin - these are radio oils of a thyme, a lavender, a chrysanthemum, a lemon, an orange and others.
Day time creams from night differ the smaller contents of fat acids, more high humidity and the greater contents of the substances keeping in a skin a moisture. Into them also enter UF-filters. These are the substances protecting a skin from sunburn. From all face creams the highest requirements show to creams for areas around of eyes. Higher degree emulsification and filtrations here is required, more exact coordination with рН of skin.

About a choice of a face cream

People with a oily skin are recommended to use only day creams and creams for oily skin. And in case of seborrhea - medical cosmetics. Except for restoration of a skin and smoothing of wrinkles, the cosmetics gives to a skin softness and velvetiness, slows down ageing and removes defects of a skin.
If you choose face creams check up first of all 3 factors:
1. That in its structure contained highly effective recycling a skin natural Additives.
2. That the cream did not contain or contained a minimum quantity synthetic and mineral components.
3. That contained or a minimum quantity, or at all did not contain emulsifiers and preservatives - is important for the people inclined to allergies.
From firms represented on our site to all these requirements respond The firm Aroma Medic - it represents completely natural cosmetics.
In structure of cosmetics FOREVER, Dermajetics and EDOM contain minimal amounts of synthetic and mineral additives - no more than 3-5 %.
All cosmetics represented by us already has met with met with approval at women, But especially we wish to emphasize a unique combination high regenerative properties and the low price of products of firm Aroma Medic. This cosmetics has the lowest factor known to us the price/quality.

About medical cosmetics

One more big and important section of cosmetics is the medical cosmetics. Now the natural medical cosmetics frequently surpasses chemistry-pharmaceutical means by efficiency and speed of influence. Besides to natural medical cosmetics it is not observed accustomings.
The worthy place in medical cosmetics was borrowed with means for removal of pains and treatment of arthritises and arthrosis. Some examples (from products Aroma Medic):
  1. Aromathritis - aromatic oil for removal of pains in joints
  2. Mifrakit - ointment for preventive maintenance and treatments of inflammations in joints
  3. Aroma Pain Relieve - aromatic oil for removal of pains of the general character
  4. Aroma Knee - aromatic oil for removal of pains in knees
  5. Aroma Dental - an extract of esential oils for treatment parodontosis, inflammations of gums.
  6. Sinigrena - oil against a headache and migraines (to mass temples)
  7. Aroma Erection - massage essential oil for men and women for occurrence or strengthenings erection, including in case of long reception tranquilizers.
  8. Aromantic Love Oil - the aromatic oil stimulating sexual inclination, counterbalancing mood
  9. Aphrodisiak - for stimulation of a sexual inclination (for massage)
  10. AROMA STRETCH - aromatic oil for increase of elasticity of a flabby skin - for a body
  11. CLARIFICATION OIL - essential oil for clarification of a skin. To put on dark spots on a skin. If it is required strong repeated clarification, to contour a spot vaseline for prevention clarification of a surrounding skin.
  12. AROMA INTIM - essential oil for intimate hygiene Women, simplification of sorts, prevention of dryness vaginas and at reception of tranquilizers.
  13. AROMA MENSTRUAL-aromatic oil for removal of pains at Monthly
  14. AROMA BREAST aromatic oil for improvement of the form of a breast. To put a small amount of oil - some drops on a palm and to make soft Massage of a breast.
  15. AROMA CELLULITE - aromatic oil for resorption cellulitis
  16. PSOGERBAL CREAM - a cream for treatment psoriasis. To grease in the evening the struck places thin layer after washing.
  17. ECZEMON - aromatic oil for treatment eczema.
See descriptons in the sections Essentail oils, Tinctures in the Naturopathic Drugstore
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About natural medicine and cosmetics
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Author: Tatiana Zolenko.
Terchnical edition and translation: Vitaly Eremenko.
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