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Chemical Compound of your usual Food

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1 Child 1-3
2 Child 4-8
3 Boy 9-13
4 Boy 14-18
5 Man 19-30
6 Man 31-50
7 Man 51-70
8 Man 70+
9 Girl 9-13
10 Girl 14-18
11 Woman 19-30
12 Woman 31-50
13 Woman 51-70
14 Woman 70+
15 Pregnant 14-18
16 Pregnant 19-30
17 Pregnant 31-50
18 Nursing 14-18
19 Nursing 19-30
20 Nursing 31-50

This service is online and free.
You get result of calculation for your usual "average food Dish" in compare with RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) for all essential ingredients.
It shows you which ingredients in your Dish are insufficient or surplus.
You should select your "person type" (Man 31-50, Woman 19-30 etc.) to get true values of RDA for comparison.
After this step you will see in the table of Ingredients all chemical components with RDA minimal and maximal values for selected person type.

In the table of Types of Foods you can click on a type name and get its table of food names.
Click on a food name shows you the chemical compound of this food.
Enter the Dose and click button [+] in the foods table, and it will add this food/dose to your daily Dish.
You will view Dish table and Chemical compound of this Dish in compare with RDA.
You may fill your Dish by this way step-by-step and see its Balance on each step.
It allows you to correct your dish and improve health.
The NOTE: we do not apply for completeness and consistency of the data.
The data in Tables do not replace the recommendation of the doctor on selection of diets and treatment.

Requirement for energy and components of a feed

The daily requirement for components of a feed is resulted.
Power consumption - kcals on 1 kg of weight of a body.
For people with excess weight it is desirable to take ideal weight of a body in calculation, instead of actual to avoid superfluous consumption of products and the further increase of weight of a body.

Type of the person and job Need for energy Protein Fats Carbohydrates
The adult at sedentary job 40-50 Kcal/kG75-120 g75-120 g360-400 g
At heavy physical work 70-100 Kcal/kG120-160 g80-100 g450-600 g
The elderly inactive person 30-35 Kcal/kG70-80 g60-70 g340-380 g

%RDA = Recommended daily allowance per shake serving
- Women - age 25-50.
Alvitan.com: - Men - age 25-50.
- Child - age 1-3.
See the table of Ingredients
For other age the data are interpolated.
Source of the data - dietary additives and products of firm the Herbalife, Notes from magazines "Optima" (the Application to the newspaper of "Vesty", Israel, etc.).
In different sources recommended dozes do not coincide.
Therefore these data need to be counted rough.

At oxidation of fibers, fats and carbohydrates it is allocated warmly, measured in calories.
1 g a squirrel and 1 g carbohydrates allocate on 4.1 Kcals, 1 g Fat - 9.3 Kcal.
1 Kcal = 4.184 Kilo-joule

Status of the person Power consumption
During dream 60-80 Kcal/hour
Easy sitting person 100 Kcal/hour
Easy physical job 150 Kcal/hour
Heavy physical job and playing sports 200-300 Kcal/hour

- For workers of brainwork the need for calories makes approximately 3000 Calories in day.
- For the workers occupied with mechanized work - 3500 calories.
- At heavy physical work, in the coal industry, on logging area, construction, at nonmechanized or in part mechanized processes workers spend in day of 4000 and more calories.

Need for mineral salts:
Iron - 15 mg.
Calcium - 0.8 g,
Magnesium - 0.4 g,
Phosphorus - 1.6 g
More in detail look here: Minerals and Microelements
Need for table salt (chloride sodium) in a day:
- In a temperate climate 12-15 g,
- In a hot climate of 20-25 g

Total of a liquid for a day, including a moisture contained in products, And all kinds of drinks, should make for the adult person 2-2.5 litre in day.
Lack of water harmful to an organism, but also surplus of a liquid increases loading by heart, kidneys and a skin.
Need for vitamins:
A - 1 mg or carotin - 2 mg.
B1 - 2 mg,
B2 - 2 mg,
C - 50 mg,
РР - 15 mg,
More in detail look here: Vitamins and Amino Acids
At heavy physical job the need{requirement} for vitamin B1 grows up to 2.5 mg, And in vitamin With up to 75-100 mg.

At downturn of temperature on everyone 10 ° power inputs raise on 5 %.
In conditions of the north increase of caloric value of a feed (is recommended and at the expense of fats), And in conditions of the south - decrease (with overweight of carbohydrates and restriction of fats).

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