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Minerals and microelements for our Life

  1. Boron.
  2. Calcium.
  3. Chlorine.
  4. Chromium).
  5. Cuprum.
  6. Ferrum (Iron).
  7. Iodine.
  8. Magnesium.
  9. Manganese.
  10. Molybdenum.
  11. Natrium.
  12. Phosphorus.
  13. Selenium.
  14. Sodium chloride
  15. Vanadium.
  16. Zinc.
The Synopsis on Vitamins and Irreplaceable Amino-Acids see. HERE.

The skeleton of the person is updated each 7-10 years.
The organism does not develop minerals and microcells. Therefore you can fill up their stock only with food, with the help of food additives and herbs.

- Plays the important role in preservation of bones.

Contains in an organism in plenties.
- It is necessary for a fortress of a teeth and bones. Prevents a painful exhaustion –łones and development of a bony rarefication, it is necessary for normal development of a skeleton and nails.
- It is necessary for normal work of muscles and nervous system.
- It is necessary for regulation of an intimate rhythm and arterial pressure (together with magnesium).
- Plays the important role in a metabolism of a skin, in curtailing blood.

In an organism contains about 1.5 kg of calcium.
99 % from this amount - in bones and a teeth.
1 % plays the vital role for normal job all systems of an organism, and in case of need its deficiency is filled at the expense of calcium of bone tissue.
Calcium is acquired only in a stomach and should be accepted together with meal.
Multivitamin additives do not provide you with enough of calcium.
Good source of calcium and magnesium - eggs, sardines, a tuna, Dairy products (yogurt, milk, cottage cheese and firm cheeses), vegetables with dark green leaves (sheet cabbage, beet leaves), nuts, sunflower seeds.

See Natrium

Chromium, Chrome.
It is necessary as the factor "glucose for tolerance".
- Participates in regulation of a level of sugar in blood, as promotes manufacture of insulin.
At lack Chromium the organism is compelled to work with redoubled zeal, to support sugar balance. As a result of it the person starts to feel sharp need in sweet.
During a diet on growing thin Chromium can play the important role, as will help to reduce unfairly - overestimated need in sweet and carbohydrates.
Chromium contains in sea products, meat, bean, dairy products, nuts and integral cereals. Many of these products too much high-calorie at weight reduction. In such cases it is expedient to use special food additives with Chromium.

Copper, Cuprum.
Component (alongside with zinc and manganese) antioxidant enzyme systems.
- It is necessary for producing melanin and a metabolism of Ferrum.

Ferrum (Iron).
The basic microelement.
- Raises amount of hemoglobin in blood - red blood's bodies.
- It is necessary for carry of oxygen red blood bodies.
It is faster acquired together with vitamin C.
Deficiency of iron is shown in feeling of weariness during all day, in often night awakenings. The risk increases infectious diseases.
Iron influences manufacture melanin and carry of oxygen to hemoglobin. Oxygen is required for a metabolism in an organism. Iron also accepts participation in manufacture of set of enzymes.
Iron contains in fat grades of a fish, in red meat, a liver, kidneys, in an egg yoke, in bean, in dried fruits and integral cereals, in green sheet vegetables.

- Provides normal work of a thyroid gland.

The factor of cycle Crebs.
It is important for any biochemical process in an organism.
Promotes balancing of minerals.
It is necessary for:
- Normal job of muscles and nervous system.
- Activity of hormones and manufacture of energy.
- Maintenance of health of reproductive system.
- Maintenance immune systems.
- Restoration and updating of tissue of an organism.
- Growth of bones.
- Regulations of an intimate rhythm and arterial pressure (together with calcium).
The maintenance{contents} in products - see. Calcium . Magnesium - a support for structural elements of a skin and enzymes, which operate a metabolism of a skin. At deficiency of magnesium ageing of a skin it is accelerated. Action of magnesium becomes more active in stressful situations and protects an intimate muscle.
Natural source of magnesium.
In waters of the Dead sea on 1 litre of water 40 grammes of magnesium are necessary.

Component (alongside with zinc and copper) fermentative systems of antioxidants.
- It is necessary for health of bones and nervous system.

- Promotes a metabolism of fats and carbohydrates.
- It is vital for assimilation of Ferrum (iron).
- Participates in manufacture of a uric acid.

Natrium and Chlorine
They are the basic holders of osmotic pressure, which prevents outflow of water from blood vessels in adjacent tissue.

Sodium chloride
Contains in bread, cheese, a butter, eggs, millet, carrots, beet and Other products. In hot weather, at strengthened job, sports loadings The daily need grows till 20
The superfluous amount of sodium of chloride promotes a delay of a liquid In an organism and to occurrence of puffiness.
It is required to an organism in amount 10-15 gr in a Day.

- It is necessary for normal structure of bones, nails and a teeth and their fortress.
- It is important for mastering glucose and its transformation into energy.

Vital macroelement (mineral).
- It is necessary for normal work of nervous system.
- Promotes maintenance of water balance in cells and tissue.
Sources of Potassium:
- The baked white or sweet potato.
- A plantain, bananas, orange juice, the majority of dried fruits.


Operates independently and with vitamin E as an antioxidant for Neutralizations of free radicals.
- Promotes strengthening of immune system.
- Has cells, raising in them a level of enzyme - antioxidants, also protects them from destructive influence radiating and chemical carcinogens.
- It is capable to prevent development of a cancer in people and in animals.
Deficiency of selenium in a human body results in high risk diseases by a cancer of a direct gut, dairy glands, a uterus and ovary, prostate, a bladder, easy and skin.
Selenium contains in many plants, is especial in garlic, a grain, an asparagus, and also in meat and seafoods. But its level in plants depends on structure of ground in this or that region.

- It is important for balance of sodium and potassium in an organism.

- It is necessary for maintenance of health of reproductive and immune systems.
- It is necessary for restoration and updating of fabrics.
Deficiency of zinc - the frequent reason of increase in the sizes prostate gland.

Vitamin and Amino-acids
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