The Interesting Notes in Health and Medicine

    The Contents:
  1. About Skin Types and Skin Care
    How to choose cosmetics for 3 types of skin
  2. Alternative medicine
    Research has shown that alternative medicines are becoming increasingly popular.
  3. Aromatherapy and treatment by Essential Oils
    The aromatherapy is a special method of treatment with use essential aromatic oils received from a plant.
  4. Cosmetics types for your skin care
    Cosmetics types for your skin care and beauty.
  5. Dead Sea products gain popularity with US skincare enthusiasts
    Women in the US discovering rejuvenating properties of Dead Sea products
  6. Health and Beauty from the Dead Sea
    Salutary force of waters of the Dead sea became a legend since ancient times.
  7. How we can slow down our aging
    The secret of a long and normal life. Biological reasons of aging. Our breathing kills us...
  8. Israeli expertise solves a hairy problem
    Israel at the forefront of developing better ways to keep bodies free of fuzz
  9. The Nature helps at Urinogenital Diseases
    The prostatitis destroys an organism, results in mental diseases also poisons an intimate life of the man.

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