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The natural medicine helps people
To those who have some problems with the health

Do not be engaged in self-treatment !
Herbal medicine requires not less knowledge and experience, than the usual (allopathic) medicine.

The natural medicine is health recovery by natural means - herbs, minerals and animal products, which can be put without a prescription and which practically have no contraindications, but even in this case an expert's consultation is required.
It is extremely important to make out a right diagnosis.
The main care of physicians in XXI century is maintenance and restoration of immunity with the overwhelming part of the population.
On this page we want to tell very shortly about most often occurring diseases and how it is possible to avoid or to relieve them and keep efficiency.

1. The heart can live without infarctions and insults till 120 years.

Despite of achievements of medicine in treatment of cardiovascular diseases, their number does not decrease but grows every year. Cardiovascular diseases have steadily won first place among the reasons of death rate. The infarction gets younger,more and more often people of efficient age suffer from it and with them it takes its course with a greater number of complications, than with aged people.
More than in 90 % of cases the reason of the infarction is a thrombosis of heart coronary vessels. Deterioration of a cardiac musle feeding by oxygen results in its necrosis-myocardial infarction. The second widespread reason of infarction is a steady spasm of a coronary artery which also leads to deterioration of coronary blood supply. In most cases some years prior to development of infarcation the doctor diagnoses an ischemia to a person who complains of cardiac indisposition. It is a very serious "first bell".

The infarcation and insult is much easier to prevent than to treat.
The most frequent signs of the ischemia and approaching infarction are chest pains, but sometimes pains can be in other parts of the body - in a jaw, in a side. Uncertain pains and deterioration of the general condition at physical loading.
Treat a hypertension obligatory! At a high arterial pressure vessels wear out much faster, than at the normal one. And natural remedies - plants possessing hypotensive action give longer effect, than synthetic ones. At the 1-st and 2-nd stages of hypertension it is often possible to do with herbal remedies. At a high arterial pressure a combination of herbal and synthetic remedies often allows to reduce pressure more effectively and to achieve a greater stability. It is very important by itself, as at frequent "jumps" of pressure the vessels are damaged especially strongly.
Biochemists find out more and more about the deep reasons of cardiovascular diseases and thus their recommendations confirm importance of cardiovascular diseases prevention.
Some doctors suggest to accept the situation as the inevitability, considering that cardiovascular diseases lie in the life-syle of a modern person. But not less quantity of them hold another point of view - the damaged cardiovascular system can be restored and even with people having natural susceptibility to the hypertension and vessels diseases and thus to provide a life without infarctions.

2 countries: Japan and France are the most striking example.
The Frenchmen using much alcohol live for a long time and do not die from an infarcation - from all alcoholic drinks they drink not vodka causing an angiospasm, but a red grape wine strengthening vessels, removing spasms and possessing antioxidant and general strengthening action.

Japaneses eat meat in very small quantities - basically fish and sea food-stuffs, and a lot of soya and vegetables. They are protected from infarcations due to a plenty of calcium and phosphorus in food, due to consumed fresh sea kale which has the ability "to be at war" with sclerosis - iodic compounds of fresh sea kale possess the ability to dissolve cholesterin plaques in vessels and in combination with calcium - to normalize the mineral exchange in the organism.

Northern Caucasus, where the dietary intake traditionally included grape natural wine and many plants - cardiotonics is famous for its long-livers.

People living in the middle zone not always can receive so rare food stuffs as fresh sea kale and wild grapes, but they are not harmed - one can count not less than 50 kinds of herbs, which are recommended for maintenance of normal heart functioning, decrease of the group of risk and efficiency restoration.

By the way - not less than 50 % of herbs known to folk medicine are nowadays used by allopathic medicine, but it also more and more comes to a conclusion, that it is better to apply any plant whole - "in a primordial condition". Today many plants can be purchased in the form of food supplements completely prepared for usage. In other words,if you want to help your heart there are all opportunities for this purpose.
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2. It is possible to live without an atherosclerosis and a thrombophlebitis

The word - "sclerosis" is well known all over the world, it is a cause for humour, sufferings and so on, that does not give pleasure to a person - loss of memory, and sometimes full destruction of a person - marasm. The majority of people suffer from sclerosis to a greater or lesser extent. Fortunately, at the overwhelming majority it is practically not noticeable and does not give inconveniences. An atherosclerosis is deposits of cholesterin plaques on arteries' walls. There is one more very widespread disease - varix dilatation and thrombophlebitis simillar to atherosclerosis by biochemical reasons.
The reason is the same - deposit of cholesterin plaques in vessels. Often both diseases are accompanied by heart diseases - atherosclerosis and heart ischemic disease.
The reasons of the disease - increase of cholesterol value in blood - are not yet clear for the present. Nowadays doctors and biochemists do not accept the simplest and clearest reason of the disease brought more often: excessive consumption of fats and their bad processing by biliary acids. There is known sufficient number of people keeping to a diet, consuming basically vegetable fats, carefully avoiding products with a high content of cholesterol, and none the less suffering from a high cholesterol value in blood and diseases accompanying it.

A human organism cannot live without cholesterol- it participates in synthesis of hormones, cellular membranes and exchange processes. The organism itself generates cholesterol - it is called endogenous cholesterin. A person needs about 300 mg of it a day. This amount of cholesterol can be received from one chicken yolk. Today quite appreciable group of doctors and biochemists considers, that besides the excessive use of cholesterin by people the considerable contribution to its accumulation in an organism is made by the trichomonas - a parasite from the category of the protozoa, being a causative agent of many diseases in an organism. But before the trichomonas shows itself as a direct source of an infection, it latently destroys an organism, processing, for example, "good" cholesterol in "bad" - cholesterol of low density, which deposits on walls of vessels, covering their lumen, stretching walls of vessels and causing a thrombophlebitis. In the brain the cholesterol deposited on walls of arteries interferes with the brain normal supply by oxygen and leads to what we call "sclerosis".
Is it possible to help such people?
Quite recently the situation was unreassurable from the point of view of allopathic medicine, but for the last 10 years it has radically changed due to natural and folk medicine. Folk medicine knows not less than 30 plants possessing ability to combine and remove the cholesterol from the organism. Many of them were used in ancient China and have been unduly forgotten for the last 100 years. To render assistance to folk European and Tibetan medicine there has come the medicine of Indians and Chukchis. The complete set of natural agents for normalization of the cholesterol value in blood and dissolution of already deposited layers of cholesterol and also for normalization of metabolism is formed, for already more than 10 years it has been studied and applied in clinics of America, Canada, France, Russia, Israel, Sweden and other countries, successes are obvious. There were delivered from operations many people who could never live normal life and work in accordance with requirements without natural agents existing nowadays.
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3. ARD - as if a harmless disease

Not once in the course of their life the majority of people imperceptibly or perceptibly for themselves came to work with a cold, cough, with a sick throat. So often the doctor diagnosed you - acute respiratory disease, and did not give you a medical certificate as the temperature was not high, that you stopped seeing the doctor. However it is extremely dangerous to have ARD on foot.

Despite all successes of virology there is still much unclear about ARD. Break out of ARD and influenza quite often occur in isolated groups - geologists, in ships' company in sailing, tourists- in long transitions when the group has left for the walking tour being completely healthy and, notice, all terms of the incubation period have passed. Cases of virus colonies presence in the fetus' brain in the mother's womb, when the mother was considered to be completely healthy, were found out.

Physicians hold to the idea, that infection with ARD viruses makes practically 100% and they show themselves at overwork and reduction of the organism immunity.
Do not hope to recover using one or two wine-glasses of vodka! One can receive heavy complications.
The greatest number of complications occurs because of ARD which one had on foot. ARD is not cured by antibiothics, doctors remind more and more often that only herbal agents increasing resistance of the organismm against "winter infections".

Danger from ARD is great enough. First of all ARD gives biggest number of complications comparing to all known diseases. One should see the doctor as any doctor will distinguish ARD from angina, tonsillitis, pharyngitis or a tracheitis and prescribe the necessary course of antibiotics. Angina, pharyngitis, tonsillitis, tracheitis, maxillary sinusitis, frontal bronchitis, bronchitis, pneumonia are frequently direct complications following ARD. Indirect complications are all diseases of ear-throat-nose, rheumatism, bronchopneumonia, otitises cystitises, pyelonephritises and other diseases of kidneys, urethritis, prostatitis and a lot of other diseases.

What to do? First of all - do not ignore nasal catarrh and cough.
In addition to ARD they often testify to an allergy. Frequently it also reduces indirectly host defenses of an organism and resistibility to microbic infections, the main danger of ARD is reduction of the organism resistibility to microbic infections. But there are also very dangerous virus infections resulting in edema of the vital organs, and sometimes and to death, therefore one should pay attention to allergies at ARD.

Again the same question: what to do? Those doctors are mostly right who call us to pay attention to our immunity - resistance to infections. In this field the priority was always with natural medicine and only some preparations of traditional allopathic medicine were a success with physicians who had to treat chronic patients, coming to them with endless anginas, bronchites and many other diseases that would be even enough for ten patients.
It has already been for about 10 years that echinacea, cat's claw, sumach, golden chia, chinestema cinquefoil, hitosan, antlers, fish fat. And more than 5 thousand years ago in China and Tibet there were well known ginseng, eleutherococcus,
Not less number of the plants increasing immunity grow in the middle zone. Unfortunately, their action is not so vivid as that of tropical and subtropical ones. But herbal theurapists who happened to follow up their patients for many years, frequently consider, that it is better to treat people not by overseas virulent plants but by those which grow in their area or region. Therefore the choice of the herbs necessary for a person, who is in need for them, should be made individually and everybody should be patient, recovery cannot be instantaneous as the illness was lasting for several years.
Even if members of your family often suffer from ARD or bronchites, the situation can be changed. Try to use everything, that is in your power. First of all begin with morning exercises and walks. You cannot cope with bronchites without physiotherapy and herbal medicine. One of the important medical factors - breath. Learn to breathe correctly. Try to attend studies in the group of yoga even for a short time.
The most difficult situation is in case of senior officials and businessmen. For them not only a day, but even an hour is important. Today we have complete sets of natural preparations which can cope with serious ARD within 1-2 days and allow the person not to interrupt the work. It is better to get them beforehand - prior to winter rains and for all family, otherwise you risk to be treated 3 - 4 times for a winter.
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4. Pay attention to joints!

Rather often doctors have to answer the questions concerning diseases of joints. Joints ache! The reasons of this disease occurance are not quite clear for medicine. It can arise from stress or after an acute infectious disease. It more often affects women of reproductive age, but both a child and an old man can fall ill. More often it begins with edema and pains in hands. Then it can spread to other, mostly fine joints. The exact diagnosis - polyarticular rheumatoid arthritis can be only put by a doctor using blood analyses. The majority of physicians are inclined to the opinion of genetic predisposition to joint diseases.

Gout is uric acid deposits in joints and it belongs to a rather big group of exchange diseases, at which mineral substances deposit in joints.
Due to successes in development of antibiotics at the end of the 70-ies it seemed, that has done with rheumatism for ever, but the joy was not long. At the end of the 90-ies outbreaks have again occurred in the most safe countries - the USA, Switzerland, Sweden, Kuwait. The streptococcus proved to be very virulent. In case of infection with it through tonsils the rheumatism developed.
There are two more initiators of rheumatism - clamydia and trichomonas.
One can catch them basically in the sexual way. If you do not follow the culture of sexual relations, you get to the group of risk of rheumatoid diseases
Pains in joints are not yet evidences of gout or rheumatism. Complaints to pains and indispositions are nonspecific ones. First of all it is necessary to pay attention to whether you have some undertreated disease. Such inflammations of joints can be cured, but one should always remember of the necessity to be careful of angina and other infections.
If the diagnosis "polyarticular rheumatoid arthritis" is put, one has to udergo treatment all life, but it is quite possible to hamper the clinical course. In rheumatoid disease treatment the greatest success can be achieved with application of allopathic agents along with physiotherapy and vegetable preparations. Mobility of joints can often be improved rather well and a person can get mobile, but he will have to take supporting dozes of medicines all life.
For treatment of joints there appeared to be very effective a shark cartilage, chondramin, glucosamine, an aloe vera, the cat's claw and a lot of other plants, but it is necessary to apply them correctly and to consult an expert on natural medicine.
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5. It is possible to live all life without prostate diseases

Prostatitis and prostate adenoma are very widespread diseases. More than half of men fall ill with a prostatitis or an adenoma. As a rule, at first a prostatitis appears. The general symptoms are not specific: weakness, disturbances of sleep and mood, reduction of efficiency, frequent complaints about pains, urination disorders, but quite often the only complaint is the complaint about disturbances in sexual sphere and it closes a vicious circle of the disease.
For last decades the prostatitis has got much younger, instead of fifty years old men boys of 16-17 turn to the andrologist. 60-70% of infectious prostatitises are the result of casual sexual associations. Almost half of the infectious forms are caused by clamydia, mycoplasmas, sometimes by gonorrhea. On the second place there are streptococcuses and staphylococcuses. There are also non-infectious forms of the disease at which an initiator cannot be detected. These complications result from chronic inflammatory diseases in other organs, for example,tonsillitis, caries, urological diseases.

Successes in treatment of a prostatitis, certainly, are great enough, but the number of patients does not decrease, but grows. First of all it is connected with the immune system weakening. Frequent change of sexual partners is extremely dangerous. Each woman has her microflora not dangerous to her, but the man, often changing the partners finds himself under attack of various microflora, against which it is much more difficult for the organism to stand. On the basis of a prostatitis the prostate adenoma is formed.
At early stages the prostatitis can be overcome for 10 days if strictly to perform all doctor's prescriptions.
In treatment of the prostatitis and in general for man's health the parsley, fennel are useful. Nuts, pumpkin sunflower seeds - all of them are anti-inflammatory and diuretic. Now even neglected forms of the prostatitis and prostate adenoma are successfully treated - for this purpose there are effective preparations: Super-Optimal, Prostate Plus and others.
The term of treatment of chronic forms of prostatitis and adenoma is, as a rule, from 4 months to one year - in case all accompanying chronic infectious diseases are eliminated.
One should always remember, that infectious forms of prostatitis require to be treated not only with the man, but also with his woman-partner.
For women the majority of problems in urinogenital sphere can be solved with Super-Optima, Prostate Plus - a natural preparation on the basis of a prickly pear.
For successful treatment of prostatitis, as well as the overwhelming majority of other diseases it is important to turn to the doctor in time. Do not forget to see an andrologist at least once a year.
In treatment of the neglected forms of prostatitis, especially non-infectious ones, superiority belongs to natural preparations and they help well enough, but the course of treatment should be not less than 4 - 5 months and a preparation should be chosen by the expert on natural medicine - the choice of preparations is rather good.
The majority of people manage to avoid operations.
Operations are only made by life-saving indications - when the discharge of urine stops.
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6. Help is possible even at oncological diseases

For the majority of people the word "oncology" associates with practically incurable disease and a verdict to death. Is it always so? Danger of cancer now is really great.
After the carried out traditional treatment, frequently with a surgical intervention, there are often relapses and further deterioration of of the patient's condition. In Russia efficiency of patienrs' treatment is 26 %. It means, that after the treatment carried out in the hospital the patient has not turned for a repeated course within 5 years.
One of the first joint research works of the American and Soviet scientists during the period of "Khrushchev thaw" was the statistical work on cancer recovery. With the same operative intervention and the same set of chemotherapeutical means recovery of gastric carcinoma in the USA was practically 100 %, and in the USSR - only 50% in case of testis carcinoma - a rather widespread form of cancer with men.
Cancer is a very heavy and complex disease. It has been studied for many years but up to now there is no yet sufficiently harmonous theory of it. Moreover, there is no one point of view whether it is the same disease or different ones.
For the present moment through experimental researches physicians have identified about 200 various kinds of tumors developing in a human body and in animals' organism. And, at the same time researches revealed the facts putting under doubt a variety of tumors. In the research laboratory of state Maryland in the USA the employees working with cells of tumors, have found out, that in spite of the fact that cells had been taken from various tumors and different alive sources they appeared to be completely identical cells "He La " - cells from the girl's tumor who died of sarcoma in the USA as long ago as before the war.
The theory of oncological diseases unity could be well developed by Moscow chemist Svishcheva - D-r Chem.Sci., the graduate of the chemical department of the University. She has written the book rare by its novelty and singularity of the question consideration - "I follow in the murderer's footsteps" - In the book there is disputed the theory that the main part in elementary cancer formation belongs to trichomonas.
There are given several major risk factors of falling ill with cancer.
- Chemical - a role of carcinogens,
- Genetic
- Virus.
It is supposed that Epstein - Barra's virus, which can be found rather often all over the world, causes lymphoid tissue carcinoma (Burkitt's lymphoma). In case of HIV-infected people Kaposi's sarcoma develops, and the human papilloma virus, which is rather widespread, takes certain place in cervical carcinoma development.
Not the last place belongs to the role of human immunity in tumor development. Just by the immunity level the American scientists tried to explain a low efficiency of testis carcinoma treatment in the USSR.
Within all these years biochemists have been contributing their mite in understanding of tumors formation. These works frequently result in the idea about an important role of immunity factors in tumors formation. The tumor is an uncontrollable growth of cells in some organ of the human body. Microbiological and immunological researches have shown, that in cancer cells the membrane of a cell changes first of all, then cell dimensions and finally the disturbance of cell functions arises.
The cellular membrane condition is one of the major parameters of cell normal functioning and the organism immunity.
For this reason just natural preparations help an organism to struggle with a tumor, restoring normal functioning of cellular membranes, which are "alive polymers" as a matter of fact. The possibilities of natural preparations in this case are not less, than at other diseases. More than 40 plants and natural preparations are now known, which prolong human life and improve his condition.
The major factor therewith is that the toxins excreted by a tumoral cell are combined in the organism. In conditions of normal functioning the organism itself struggles against defective cancer cells, destroying them with the help of the guards - lymphocytes. Correct application of natural preparations will frequently allow to prolong the patient's life from 1-2 tO 10 years. Practically all these plants and preparations are nonspecific - they are used not only for oncological diseases, but also for many other diseases, and therewith it is required to block toxins in the organism and to stimulate functioning of the organ responsible for maintenance of the organism operation in each particular case. Very often it is a liver, kidneys, bowels - the main organs providing toxins elimination from the organism.
The most important in case the person falls ill is not to become panic, to undergo careful examination, regularly to visit the oncologist and the expert on natural medicine. For all this period the allopathic medicine has been developing and new chemotherapeutical means slowly but allow to reduce toxicity of chemical preparations for tumors treatment and thus to improve the possibility of oncological patients' recovery.
In case of oncological diseases natural preparations do, perhaps, the most important thing - they eliminate toxicity of tumors and chemical preparations, and also restore the organism immunity - in fact in the normal condition the organism successfully struggles with separate tumoral cells which exist in all human bodies.
If you were diagnosed some oncological disease, you are welcome to ask for consultation through our mail
If you were diagnosed some oncological disease, you are welcome to ask for consultation through our Page   To the Page's Top

7. Imperceptible tragedy

As long as 20 years ago cases of affection by the trichomonas and clamydia were rare enough and were considered harmless. Cases of children's infection were isolated. Trichomonas colpitis with women were considered cured for 2 - 4 weeks, and then more often women have not turned to the gynecologist for several years.
The situation has strongly changed for the last 10 years. Suddenly before gynecologists there appeared grandmothers at the age of 60 and even older, who absolutely could not be accused of a chaotic sexual life. The trichomonad "was sitting" in the organism in the latent form and has showed itself at a suitable moment - more often after they had some acute illness or aggravation of a chronic disease.
Not only gynecologists have sounded alarm - urologists and experts of other specialities also held their side. Serious fears are striken into physicians by almost epidemy of pancreatitis - pancreas inflammation.
To treat patients ill with the trichomonas very difficult - the majority of antitrichomonas antibiotics have a plenty of contra-indications and are not intended, besides, for children.
In Russia, the USA, England and other countries there were made examinations of trichomonas infection, and doctors came to an unfavourable conclusion - trichomonas infection has reached 100 %.
The trichomonas manifests itself at any opportunity - first of all at decrease in immunity, that is if you are ill with harmless ARD 2 - 3 times a year, the probability of your falling ill with some disease which initiator is the trichomonas, increases. Certainly, increase of the group of risk is not yet a disease, but it is necessary to take this fact into account.
Svishcheva, the author of the book "I follow into the murderer's footsteps", accuses the trichomonas of many "sins" - she considers, that the trichomonas is the initiator of tumoral diseases, the reason of high cholesterol value in blood and varix dilatation and atherosclerosis, diabetes and pancreatitis. Besides Svishcheva develops the theory, that trichomonados is only one of the protozoa which earlier we considered as different organisms - clamydia and mycoplasmas.
It is necessary to say - victories in development of new antibiotics have resulted not only in successes - they are great for sure, but also have brought many new cares. Virulence of staphylococcus, streptococcus, fungus, trichomonas, clamydia, mycoplasmas has increased.
The number of nonspecific inflammatory diseases has also increased.
It is worth to remember a wise statement from the sphere of politics - "War is not the best way of problems solution".
From the moment of sulfidine discovery the medicine was at war against microorganisms, but in fact microorganisms existed next to mankind for many millions of years. And now we have saved up more than enough arguments for the benefit of that is necessary to engage in the second problem - increase of resistibility of a human body. It is the same culture, as personal hygiene, visiting of the stomatologist, culture of sexual associations and many other things.

Author: Tatyana Zolenko

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