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Aromatherapy and treatment by Essential Oils

The aromatherapy is a special method of treatment with use essential aromatic oils received from a plant. Essential oils represent a unique combination of the components giving aroma to a plant.
For the first time essential (volatile) oils oils have started to use more 6000 years ago. Ancient Egyptians used radio oils for carrying out of special rituals and embalmed bodies died. In England these oils used since 13 centuries for treatment wounds and burns. Peoples of the different countries of the world on an extent used essential oils all history of mankind.
In spite of the fact that volatile oils contain in plants in scanty quantities, they are very much concentrated and play the important role in their life. These oils protect plants from various disease, microbes and wreckers. Their these qualities also are put on service to the person. Volatile oils help us to struggle with various inflammations and infections, simultaneously protecting us from infection.
The system of treatment is based by essential aromatic oils on inhalations, compresses, baths and massages. Massage is carried out with Use special technics at which oil will penetrate in organism in time of a skin. Each kind of oil influences on the certain systems of an organism. Regular treatment radio oils promotes updating of cells, improvement of activity sick bodies and fabrics, physical and to peace of mind, stimulations of blood circulation and metabolism, to simplification of pains, To improvement of activity of digestive system and condition Skin.
Quality of essential oils depends on quality of the plant, a condition its cultivation and way extracting oils. Plants, used for extraction of medical essential oils, should to be raised in optimum conditions. Process extracting it should be carried out in cleanliness and with observance of all necessary condition - only thus it is possible to provide efficiency and quality of an end-product.
Production of the company "Aroma Medic" includes natural essences and oils, made of carefully selected plants. The productions used at manufacturing of oils, are based on rules of an ancient science of treatment by grasses, wonderful properties of an aromatherapy providing optimum use.
An aromatherapy is a way to finding health and its preservation.

The composition by Vitaly Eremenko.
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