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Please contact us via Web-Mail page (Top menu "Write Us").
Address: Olga Krechetov, 3 /4 Frug Shimon, Netanya 4223425 Israel.
Small Business ID: 310735659

Phone: +(972) 524-325-856 (Russian: 8 - 20 GMT)
PhD, Programmer and web-master.
Base Work Experience:
Programming under Windows: MS Visual Stiduo, VC++/OOD/MFC/DLL/Real Time.
Programming for web-server: PHP5 with Object-Oriented design.
Programming for Internet browsers: HTML4/5, CSS, JavaScript (with Canvas2D and Web-GL)

I have developed the Sites:
www.Alvitan.com - Food additives, Cosmetics, Colors for child and women hobby,
Chemical Compound of usual Food and RDA, Popular Herbs.

www.Violtan.com - Paints for Hobby, Art & Craft online worldwide.
www.ColorHobby.com - Colors and Brushes from Russia for prodessional painters, students and amateurs
OgiDiapix.com - Gems with 3D-animation from defferent sellers
(90% of code and pages with my work, under OGI design).

About me: Tatiana Fidelman
Tatiyana Fidelman.
Consultant in Natural Medicine, Cosmetics and Herbs.
Work experience in Phyto-therapy and Naturopathic Medicine is above 29 years.
Hobby: Phyto-therapy, Books, Tourism.

Olga Krechetov 2005 Olga Krechetov.
Assistant and Sales Manager.
Education - Production Engineer in Petroleum and Chemist Field.

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