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1) Simply Watercolour Pan Set 36 DR
(Different Paints)
Transparent Watercolor pan set, 36 colors and brush. Box 268mm * 138mm * 14mm. Pan's Diameter 23mm. Daler-Rowney, England. Made in China
225 g/ 217 gr
$14.86 x  
2) Opaque Water-colors Pelikan 12
(Different Paints)
Opaque water-colors type tempera. For School and Hobby. 12 pans. Germany.
170 g/ 160 gr
$6.54 x  
3) Opaque water-colors Pelikan 23
(Different Paints)
Opaque water-colors type tempera. For School and Hobby. 22 pans + white tube. Germany.
270 g/ 260 gr
$11.60 x  
4) Artrain Tempera 12
(Different Paints)
Semi-opaque dry tablet water-colors (gouache type). For Children and Hobby. 12 large cakes + Brush.
250 g/ 180 gr
$4.46 x  
5) Toy Color Watercolors 24
(Different Paints)
Tablet Watercolors set 24 colors, d30 mm + 2 brushes. Toy Color, Italy
206 g/ 204 gr
$6.54 x  
6) Salvador Paint Cake 21
(Different Paints)
Dry semi-opaque watercolors (gouache type). Cake set 21 colors + 2 paint brushes. Cake d28 mm. Nontoxic. Israel-China
280 g/ 278 gr
$9.52 x  
7) Water-colors Giotto Set 24  [24]
(Different Paints)
Block Water-colours with Brush. Brilliant Intense colours. Diam.30mm of each place. 24 colors + Brush. Plastic Box 245x170x10 mm. Not suitable for children under 36 months. Giotto, Made in France, Assembled in Egypt.
290 g/ 270 gr
$7.44 x  
8) Water-colors Giotto Set 36 NEW   [36]
(Different Paints)
Block Water-colours with 2 Brushes. Brilliant Intense colours. Diameter 30mm of each tablet color. 36 colors + 2 Brushes. Plastic Box 350x210x13mm. Giotto, Italy.
450 g/ 440 gr
$10.41 x  
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