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Wares for Chid Hobby, Stencils
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Flowers and butterflies

Convex contours for pasting on a firm surface. Sheet 21*30 cm.
Product DC01 Convex contours on plexiglas for painting with window colors and pasting on a firm surface.
Each figure in a set is executed by outliner paste on a transparent polyethylene.

Figures have all breaks on an external contour and easily comes unstuck from a basis - a cardboard.

Figure together with a slice of a polyethylene densely to press to a basis of
a stained-glass window (Glass, plexiglass, etc.) and to smooth through a sheet
of a paper (to not damage a contour).
It is possible to use as a basis opaque or flexible (but dense) surfaces.
The basis needs to be cleared preliminary of a dust and fat spirit, turpentine
or soap water to rinse and dry up (10-15 minutes).

For children's creativity it is preferable to use not fragile materials
Type of plexiglas, textolite and water bsed paints for glass or window colors for a shading of contours.
Do not make baking in an oven - the paint is not washed off by water after drying,
and outliner paste and a polyethylene are not correspond on baking at a heat.

30 gr / 30 g  SuperKit
$2.51 x  


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