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2021-12-02; 13:40:35

Waxarell Gonis 12

Transparent dry soft dot watercolor chalks. Washable, Non-toxic. 12 colors. The size of each chalk 83xd12mm. Gonis, Made in Germany
Product WAXG12 Waxarell Gonis 12 colors.
Crayons with water colour effect.
- Non polluting.
- Gentle to Skin.
- Washable.
- Mixing transparent water-colors.
Non toxic.

Dot water-colors:
Draw dots on the upper with the pens
then use brush and water to blur the colors.

Apply the colors thickly or thinly and then mix them using a wet brush.

Delicate Shading:
Apply the colors thinly and then use a wet brush to smudge them in one direction.

GONIS GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

134 gr / 140 g  Gonis
$11.41 x