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Gold Liner

[Marabu Silk paints]
Olutliner for Silk or Batik Painting, fix by ironing. It is wash and dry cleaning-resistant. 25ml (0.84 fl.oz)
Product MLS084

Marabu Outliner for Silk

Marabu Silk Outliner - 25ml.
For painting outlines on silk.
After fixing, colourless outliner is washed out.
All the coloured outliners are washable and dry-cleanable after fixing.
All Marabu-Silk Outliner products are water based.
The 25 ml liner size is recommended for its fine tip as best
for direct painting from the liner.

The outlines can be painted in with Marabu-Silk paint
when dry (about 20 mins).
Iron the painted, dry silk, per 50 x 50 cm, on the reverse side
for 2 mins at cotton temperature setting,
or fix in an oven at 150 °C for 15 mins.
Colour outliner is wash and dry cleaning-resistant.
The colourless outliner can be washed out in cold water.
Do not return used outliner to the container.

Only available in selected colours:
- Colourless (Transparent)
- Silver
- Gold
- Black

Marabu, Germany

25 ml / 42 g  Marabu
$7.45 x  

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