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Product View Posca Markers Posca Markers
[UNI Mitsubishi]
Multisurface Colors. Suitable for child above 3 year old. May be applied on body skin.
UNI POSCA: Water-Based Markers for any surface.
POSCA PC-1MR (0.7 mm Tip).
Ultra-fine calibre.
Posca's extra-fine calibre tip is ideal for professionals such as graphic designers
to produce technical drawings and rough sketches.
Posca is also ideal for creative crafts hobbyists for scrapbooking or making greeting cards.
Artists will also appreciate Posca for the ideal finish, defined details and outlines.
Posca's PC-1MR ultra-fine tip has the same qualities as a paint marker in a pen.
It is designed for professionals and beginners requiring an extra-fine and consistent line
in a wide selection of colours.
16 colors
POSCA PC-5M (2.5 mm Tip).
Medium bullet.
POSCA PC-5M's medium bullet tip is ideal for artists and creative professionals such as architects,
creative crafts hobbyists for scrapbooking, for interior design amateurs, surfers and skaters,
and of course for children.
Posca PC-5M medium bullet tip is the 'multi-purpose' member of the POSCA's range.
It produces neat and precise lines and is ideal for colouring,
the PC-5M is a favorite of both professionals and beginners.
33 colors
POSCA PC-8K (8 mm Tip).
Broad Tip.
Posca's broad tip is ideal for artists to paint and draw on any indoor and outdoor surface,
interior design lovers to refresh a space, a piece of furniture, an object, or fabric.
Surfers and skaters also use Posca to customise their boards and any professionals who make signs
or need to write on windows.
Posca PC-8K broad chisel tip draws neat curves and covers large surfaces in a large range of colours.
Ideal for flat-tints; 'Street Art' writing or signs; for beginners and professionals.
35 colors.
POSCA PC-17K (15 mm Tip).
Extra-broad chisel.
Posca's extra-broad chisel tip is ideal for artists to paint large-scale backgrounds
and performing live artworks, for interior design amateurs to refresh a space,
a piece of furniture, fabrics or bulky objects and for professionals making signs or writing on windows.
Posca PC-17K extra-broad chisel tip is the member of the Posca range designed for experts.
Posca PC-17K's XXL size tip is a favorite of professionals and artists for creating large-scale artwork.
8 Colors. Tips are removable, easy to clean and replaceable for prolonged life of the marker. Please shake the POSCA several times with surely closing the cap, before using it.
Please prepare trial writing papers.
Please press the penpoint on the paper.
And push several times until ink permeate the penpoint.
Be careful not to permeate ink too much.
Please close exactly the cap after you use POSCA markers.
1. Opened markers may be used and stored 2-3 years and more with closed caps. 2. These markers use also as cosmetic colors on body skin,
although they do not have yet cetificate as cosmetic.
Waterproof when dry.
Wash out on skin with warm water and soap. 3. See some examples of POSCA application on YouTube.