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#Foods Type
1 Fresh vegetables   [32]
2 Vegetables fermented, salty, dried   [8]
3 Milk and Food from Milk   [30]
4 Meat and by-products   [38]
5 Sausages   [20]
6 Egg   [8]
7 Fish fresh, frozen, smoked   [45]
8 Bakery products   [19]
9 Water and beverage, tea, coffee   [10]
10 Juices fruit and vegetable   [8]
11 Flour confectionery products   [7]
12 Fresh fruits   [23]
13 Berry   [16]
14 Melons and gourds   [3]
15 Mushrooms   [5]
16 Fruit dried   [9]
17 Honey and confectionery   [18]
18 Flour and bran   [7]
19 Cereals, Groats   [12]
20 Leguminous plants   [6]
21 Canned food meat   [5]
22 Seafoods   [11]
23 Сanned food fish   [17]
24 Fat, Oil   [9]
25 Nuts and sunflower seeds   [5]
26 Food supplements and Spices   [25]
27 Prepared dishes   [36]
28 Garnish   [9]
29 Dietary Supplements   [6]

Chemical Ingredients in Food

The food composition is specified for edible Part of a product
per Value near the button [+] in the Table.
Note for USA/UK units: You can enter these values:
100 gr = 3.527 oz; 1oz = 28.35 gr; 100 ml = 3.378 fl.oz.; 1fl.oz = 29.6 ml.
Click on Product Name to view its detail composition.
Enter your average Daily Portion for each food name and click button [+].
You will compose Step by Step full daily Dish to estimate Balance.
You will show what Vital Ingredients in your Dish is insufficient
and what is in Surplus.
You can correct this Disbalance and make optimal Composition of your Dish.
If it is difficult, you can add Dietary Supplements to your Dish.
It will reduce risk of chronical diseases.

NOTE: Value 0 in the Table row may be sign of insufficient data for this Ingedient.
It may give underestimation for some ingredients in your Balance.

Type: Milk and Food from Milk

Cheese Poshehonsky
Chemical compound of the Product (Ingredients)

The Values for Product Portion per 100 gr

1Cheese Poshehonsky  
2Energy 334Kcal
3Water 41ml
4Protein 26gr
5Carbohydrate 0gr
6Fibrin 0gr
7Fat 26.5gr
8Cholesterol 0mg
9Linolenic Acid N3 (PFA) 0gr
10Vitamin A 290mcg
11Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) 0.03mg
12Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) 0.36mg
13Vitamin B3 (Pantothenic acid) 0mg
14Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine) 0mg
15Vitamin B9 (Folic Acid) 0mcg
16Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin) 0mcg
17Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) 2.8mg
18Vitamin D 0mcg
19Vitamin E (Tocopherol) 0mg
20Vitamin H (Biotin) 0mcg
21Vitamin K 0mcg
22Vitamin PP (Niacin) 0.4mg
23Choline 0mg
24Potassium 96mg
25Calcium 748mg
26Sodium 960mg
27Magnesium 0mg
28Manganese 0mg
29Ferrum 0mg
30Copper 0mcg
31Phosphorus 408mg
32Zinc 0mg
33Iodine 0mcg
34Molybdenum 0mcg
35Nickel 0mcg
36Selenium 0mcg
37Chromium 0mcg
38Fluoride 0mcg
39Chloride 0mg
40Boron 0mcg
41Source: AMR the USSR
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